Withee Works

Helping the best lab infrastructure products from around the world succeed in the North American laboratory market.

You have an innovative product. Customers value it in your current market. You would love to grow your sales. North America is the single largest laboratory market in the world. Hard to resist, ‘eh?

But it is a son-of-a-gun to get into! Let me help you succeed.

  • Focus on what makes you unique
  • Identify who may want your product
  • Identify how to get to them [possible sales channels]
  • Identify the competitive market
  • Create a plan for success
  • Help implement your plan for success if needed/desired

It is tough to enter a new market, whether you are located outside North America or are just in a different industry looking to expand into a new market. Let me help you minimize your risk and maximize your potential for success. Contact Withee Works Today!